Stephanie White is a strong minded individual. A mother of two young ladies who are two separate individuals who has achieved their dream goals. Stephanie is a strong believer of faith. She never holds her past mistakes towards her future. She has overcame many obstacles endured through life that has come her way. She honors her mother Patricia L. White (1950-2004) for showing her perseverance, and learning to let go to manage her own personal life gracefully. She has written this book through life experience, strength, and hope. White book is for all ages experiencing relationship as well as life itself. Her books define her being realistic and relatable. 


Stephanie is a loving outgoing individual, who loves people. She is mother, a mentor, a confident, and a direct individual who help you seek your highest purpose in life. 

Stephanie White who is also known as Authoress SWD has written IT IS WHAT IT IS and FOR WHAT REASON. Stephanie White books are based on honesty, courage, and facing the truth. These poems are dealing with fragile time in a life to help heal another.

Stephanie White has collaborated with other published authors on Vernessa Blackwell’s FINDING JOY IN YOUR JOURNEY Part 2. Stephanie White has written the devotional section within the book called  “Embrace Your Surroundings”.  Check out this book. It’s inspirational and a great read . The authors all contributed a unique touch to the book making it a great read.