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For What Reason -Living your best life
It Is What It Is - With Gods strength ....

Meet the AuthoressSWD

Stephanie White has written in her journal since her younger days. She states that communication can be a major factor in relationships, especially when you're not expressing how you feel. She states that accepting truth and realization has allowed her to release herself and move forward. Her book of poems shares those challenges with her readers. It’s all about dealing with life. Stephanie White has taken memes out of her poetry books as a reminder and placed them on merchandise. White wants her readers to have an inspiration of hope and know what a treasure they are. These books are to encourage others in today’s society. Despite obstacles, you can still win!

Stephanie is a strong believer in faith. She never holds her past mistakes against her future. She has overcome many obstacles in life that have come her way. She honors her mother, Patricia L. White (1950–2004), for showing her perseverance and learning to let go to manage her own personal life gracefully. White has written books about life experiences and strength. White books are for all ages who are experiencing relationships as well as life itself. Her books define her as being realistic and relatable. Stephanie is a loving, outgoing individual who loves people. She is a mother, a mentor, and a direct individual who helps you seek your highest potential in life. Stephanie White, also known as Authoress SWD, has written IT IS WHAT IT IS (this book is for adults 18 and up) and FOR WHAT REASON. Stephanie White's books are based on honesty, courage, and facing the truth. These poems deal with fragile times in life to help heal one another.

In collaboration with other authors, organized by visionary Vanessa Blackwell over the past few years. Stephanie White has written "Embrace Your Surroundings" within the devotional book Finding Joy in the Journey, Vol. 2. Along with "Clouds, ...Faith, ...Decisions" within the devotional book Joy Comes in the Morning, Stephanie White has also written “Always Remember” within JOY 365, a devotional book for joy restoration anthology that will soon be released by or before 2024. Stephanie White has participated in the magazine called “Own It” as a contributing writer. The authors all contributed a unique touch to these books, making them a great inspirational read.

Before I go, please remember… Authoress SWD… AN INSPIRING POET FOR POETRY LOVERS AND ALL!



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