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Authoress SWD

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Despite the challenges life presents, there is always a path to happiness.

Stephanie D. White Books

About Stephanie D. White

Welcome to the official website of Stephanie D. White who is known as Authoress SWD. As an author, I strive to bring compelling stories and inspiring messages to my readers.


The initials “S.W.D.” hold special significance to me. They stand for “Strive With Determination,” a motto that encapsulates my approach to both my writing and my life. This guiding principle drives me to persevere through challenges and to always put forth my best effort.


My choice of initials, “S.W.D.,” reflects not only who I am as a person but also my professional ethos. By embedding this motivational message into my identity, I aim to let others know about my dedication and drive. It’s a constant reminder of my values and aspirations, aligning my name with my goals.


Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find inspiration in my work and my journey.

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As an author, I collaborate with fellow like minded and talented writers to co-author books.

Want to Collaborate?

It Is What It Is

Who are you when your heart is broken? How do you navigate the stormy waters of a failing relationship?

I offer a touching collection of rhythmic verses that lays the emotional journey of love and heartache in these evocative books of poems, "It Is What It Is" and "For What Reason". This collection delves into the challenges of coping with dysfunctional relationships and finding a path to healing.

For What Reason?

Sometimes our instincts whisper, "Why?" For What Reason explores this question through a deeply personal and relatable collection of poems. This extended series delves into the journeys of life, weaving thoughtful reflections and logical insights into each verse. Crafted for mature readers, this book offers a profound exploration of adapting to life's challenges.

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