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Life episodes can be a headache through it all,  you can still find happiness ~

Authoress SWD ~ SWD LLC

The AuthoressSWD Best Seller Books

Joy comes in the Morning book
Best Seller



" Life is a series of painful or joyful moments, which follow each other in an endless cycle, whenever pains comes near us, our only salvation is to seek places of beauty, joy, and peace.  Wherever there is joy, our souls can heal. The process of loving and losing is part of the human experience and when we lose someone or something, we mourn.

What are you mourning? It could be the death of a loved one,  a divorce, financial loss, a tragedy, a devastating illness, or another life-changing event. The Lord wants to carry you through your situation and bring you out on the other side with a renewed heart, peace, and hope for the future.


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Have peace when battling oneself within ~ Authoress SWD

Finding Joy in your Journey book



Have you ever found it hard to find Joy amid life's trials and adversities? Well, you are not alone! Ninety phenomenal coauthors give a real talk about love and healing in "Finding Joy in the Journey Vol. 2 " Healthy Ways to Find Joy During Difficult Times through any difficult.


Authoress Stephanie White (Authoress SWD) is one of those phenomenal authors who has provided availability for you to purchase this amazing book on the link below.

For What Reason book
Best Seller



There are times when the instincts question, "For what reason?" For What Reason describes personal feelings others may experience and can relate to. An extended version of a deep series of poems dealing with journeys of life.  A well-thought-out description elaborated into more detail of adapting and applying logic into poems.  This book is intended for mature readers.

It Is What It is book
Best Seller



Who are you with a broken heart?
How do you deal with a failing relationship?

Stephanie White has published an evocative collection of rhythmic verse laying bare the emotional impact of love in the human experience.

It Is What It Is the book of poems has a collection of coping through dysfunctional relationships and delivering one’s self through it.

You can purchase “It Is What It Is” book of poems autograph copies from Authoress Stephanie White. You can also receive it from bookstores everywhere, or e-books online at the Apple, iTunes Store, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.


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to join group chat.

Have peace when battling oneself within ~ Authoress SWD

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